?> Christine Bovill’s ‘Piaf’ at London’s Underbelly Festival

Christine Bovill’s ‘Piaf’ at London’s Underbelly Festival

After a hugely successful Ireland tour in 2013 and again in 2015, Christine Bovill returns for a third time with her award winning show. No glamour. No gimmicks. No pretence. Nothing but a voice, singing of life’s triumphs and tragedies. Who was Edith Piaf? And how did she come to represent the spirit of Paris like no-one before or since? Her life is as well documented as her legendary voice – a child of the Paris streets who rose, via a tragic life of drink, drugs and death at 48, to become the best-known chanteuse in America and throughout the world. She lived the passionate life of a “sacre monstre”, loving, laughing, crying, drinking, taking and giving to excess. There were no half-measures. Christine Bovill’s PIAF, as much a play as it is a musical homage, is a moving theatrical homage to one of France’s most endearing icons; celebrating some of her best known songs, threaded with Piaf’s story, and Christine’s own remarkable journey in the world of chanson.

Underbelly Festival Southbank London -  7th & 14th September 2017

Christine Bovill Promotes Pain at Underbelly Festival

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